SEFS Seminar Series

The seminars are held on Wednesdays from 3:30 to 4:20 p.m. in Anderson 223, and we'll host a casual reception in the Forest Club Room after the first seminar of each month. Students can register to take the seminar for course credit as SEFS 529A.

SEFS Seminar - Fall 2016

Week 1: September 28

"Carbon cycling in the global forest system"
Dr. Tom Crowther
Postdoctoral Research Associate
Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies

Week 2: October 5*

"From subduction to salmon: Geologic subsidies drive high productivity of a volcanic spring-fed river"
Professor Randy Dahlgren
UC Davis

Week 3: October 12

"Putting PNW retention forestry practices into a global context"
Dr. Sue Baker
Research Fellow
University of Tasmania & Forestry Tasmania
"Short- and long-term benefits for forest biodiversity of retaining unlogged patches in harvested areas"

Week 4: October 19

"A comparison of low-intensity management options for Douglas-fir dominated forests in western WA"
Professor Greg Ettl

Week 5: October 26

“Bring on the heat: How climate change may protect eastern hemlock”
Dr. Angela Mech
Postdoctoral Research Associate

Week 6: November 2*

“Avoided impacts on human health by recovering wood residues for bioenergy and bioproducts in the Pacific Northwest”
Professor Indroneil Ganguly

Week 7: November 9

“Unlikely hero, or the next to fall? Causes and consequences of subalpine fir mortality in the wake of recent bark beetle outbreaks”
Dr. Brian Harvey
Smith Fellow (and future SEFS faculty member)
"Changing disturbance regimes, ecological memory, and forest resilience"

Week 8: November 16

“California spotted owl habitat: New insights from a multiscale analysis from LiDAR data”
Professor Van Kane
"Wildfire impacts on California spotted owl nesting habitat in the Sierra Nevada"

Week 9: November 30

“Changing fire regimes in eastern Washington: Recent large wildfire events and implications for dry forest management”
Dr. Susan Prichard
SEFS Research Scientist
"Fuel treatments and landform modify landscape patterns of burn severity in an extreme fire event"

Week 10: December 7*

“Exploring frequent fire forests at multiple scales”
Dr. Keala Hagmann
Postdoctoral Research Associate
"Historical conditions in mixed-conifer forests on the eastern slopes of the northern Oregon Cascade Range, USA"

* Indicates reception after seminar