SEFS Seminar Series

The seminars are held on Wednesdays from 3:30 to 4:20 p.m. in Anderson 223, and we'll host a casual reception in the Forest Club Room after the first seminar of each month. Students can register to take the seminar for course credit as SEFS 529A.

SEFS Seminar - Spring 2016

Week 1: March 30

“The Impacts of Nature Experience on Mood, Emotion Regulation and Cognitive Function”
Greg Gratman
Stanford University

Week 2: April 6*

“The Effects of Family-Based Nature Activities on Family Relationships”
Dina Izenstark
University of Illinois

Week 3: April 13

“Access to Nature and Psychological Health: The Geography of Children”
Dongying Li
University of Illinois

Week 4: April 20

“Measuring Ecosystem Function in the Athabasca Oil Sands Region of Alberta: Problems and Solutions”
Professor Derek MacKenzie
University of Alberta
"Carbon and Nitrogen Mineralization and Microbial Succession in Oil Sands Reclamation Soils Amended with Pyrogenic Carbon"

Week 5: April 27

“Hello from the Other Side: New Approaches for Wildlife Population Modeling”
Professor Beth Gardner

Week 6: May 4*

“Bryophytes and the Sustained Nitrogen Economy of Boreal Forest Ecosystems”
María Arróniz-Crespo
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Week 7: May 11

“Contrasting Plant Flammability and the Implications for Fire Regimes”
Morgan Varner
U.S. Forest Service Pacific Northwest Research Station

Week 8: May 18

“What are We Trying to Sustain, Anyway? Some Questions About the Idea of Sustainability”
Professor Steve Harrell
SEFS & Anthropology

Week 9: May 25

“Nature’s Rx in Cities – Economic Value ... and Who Should Care”
Kathy Wolf

Week 10: June 1*

“Blast from the Past: Understanding Plant Community Assembly on Mount St. Helens”
Professor Cynthia Chang
UW Bothell, School of STEM, Division of Biology

* Indicates reception after seminar