Computer Resources

SEFS Computing Policy

This policy is effective December 16, 2003 as approved by the administration of the School of Environmental and Forest Sciences.


This policy applies to the following:
  • Any computer hardware or software purchased through SEFS budgets including state or federal funds
  • Any device that communicates on a University of Washington network whether on campus or a remote site which is under the supervision of the School of Environmental and Forest Sciences
  • Any computing related device in any University of Washington facility that is under the supervision of the School of Environmental and Forest Sciences


The SEFS Information Technology team (SEFSIT) is responsible for adhering to and enforcing University of Washington policies regarding computer and network infrastructure at the School of Environmental and Forest Sciences. This policy outlines the extent of services provided by the SEFSIT team.

These guidelines are a supplement to the basic UW policy on ethics in computer use and the University's software copyright policy.

The computing and networking infrastructure of the University of Washington underlies many crucial activities for the entire University community, including hospitals and clinics. The University's primary responsibility is to protect and sustain the operation of those facilities. As such, the University may take whatever steps it feels appropriate to remedy or prevent activities that, in the University's judgment, endanger the orderly operation of University's networks or systems, and/or which threaten the University's network connections to the Internet and/or other institutions or networks.

As a member of SEFS, your use of computing and networking resources is governed by:

Acceptable Use

Computer hardware, software, and network systems purchased and provided by the School are to be used only for creating, researching, and processing work-related materials. By using these systems you assume personal responsibility for their appropriate use and agree to comply with this policy and other applicable SEFS policies, as well as UW, city, state, and federal laws and regulations.
  • Your SEFS NetID is for your use only; it is not to be shared with anyone. You are responsible for keeping it safe and using it appropriately. Please see for more information.
  • You must adhere to all applicable local State and Federal laws. These laws cover such areas as illegal access to computer systems, networks, and files; copyright violations; and harassment issues in accordance with University of Washington guidelines for use of UW Computing and Networking Resources. Please see for more information.
  • It is not acceptable to use SEFS computers or networks for personal gain or non-work related use such as: selling access to your account; performing work for profit in a manner not authorized by the School; sharing/downloading copyrighted materials through P2P conduits such as Napster or installing software unrelated to SEFS/UW work.

User Responsibilities

These responsibilities are based on UW policies, which can be found at
  • Read, understand, and follow all related SEFS and UW policies and guidelines:
  • Never use SEFS Computing resources for any illegal, unauthorized, or unethical act as defined by law or SEFS and UW standards of conduct.
  • Protect and never share your SEFS NetID or UW NetID and associated passwords. Remember you are accountable for all activities associated with your account.
  • Never share your computer accounts and access privileges assigned to you or others. Access privileges are assigned based on a person's specific requirements for using SEFS computer and network resources. The ability for SEFS to protect its electronic records and systems depends on access control measures.
  • Always restrict your use of SEFS computer systems, networks, email, and Internet privileges to authorized and appropriate uses.
  • Always save sensitive information on a well-managed and well-protected server or removable medium. Saving sensitive information on a desktop machine is not appropriate in most circumstances.

Purchasing and Licensing

To make the best use of School resources, purchases should be made by or in consultation with SEFSIT to ensure that it conforms to SEFS and UW guidelines and is purchased at the best possible price. SEFSIT will ensure that requests for computing technology-related purchases comply with all related federal, state, local, and University policies. Purchasing through the SEFSIT ensures that your product will meet our support requirements.

All hardware devices acquired for or on the behalf of SEFS are state or federal property according to the budget/grant upon which it was purchased. All such purchases must be used in compliance with applicable licenses, notices, contracts, and agreements.

You are responsible for reading, understanding, and following all applicable licenses, notices, contracts, and agreements for technology equipment that you use on SEFS computers. Unless otherwise provided in the applicable license, notice, contract, or agreement, any duplication of copyrighted software, except for backup and archival purposes, may be a violation of federal and state law. In addition to violating such laws, unauthorized duplication of software is a violation of SEFS/UW Software/Hardware Policy.

SEFSIT is responsible for all SEFS software licensing compliance, therefore SEFSIT must be notified of all software licenses acquired and where the software will be used.

Extent of SEFSIT Support

Considering the large variety of software in use at SEFS, we cannot provide in-depth technical support for all software programs. It is our policy to provide best effort support for your hardware and software issues. Beyond that it is the user's responsibility to contact the manufacturer of the product or provide funding for us to follow up with the manufacturer on your behalf.

There are two ways you can purchase software. Frequently software is purchased as licenses only to keep costs down (such as UW site licensed software), however, these do not include documentation or support. Full retail copies which include manufacturer support and documentation can be purchased upon request at a greater cost. The level and duration of support provided varies with the manufacturer. SEFSIT can provide consultation on all computing equipment and software purchases. We have relationships with numerous vendors who are able to provide us with competitive pricing and service. Acquisition costs are usually below those available to individuals. When SEFSIT initially sets up or rebuilds a computer we install the latest licensed software and apply all applicable patches and upgrades.
Minimum supported system standard (as of 12/12/2003 )
Equipment that does not meet these minimum standards typically is underpowered for current software, lacks capacity to run new, more complex software, is prone to failure, cannot be kept up to current security standards, and is out of warranty. Such equipment is too expensive to maintain. The following list describes the minimum hardware configuration that will be supported by SEFSIT.
  • Pentium 3 processor operating at 500 MHz or above
  • 256MB RAM
  • Windows 2000 Professional

Recommended Hardware

  • Workstation
    • Dell
      • Optiplex
      • Precision
      • Latitude
      • Inspiron
  • Server
    • Compaq/HP
      • Proliant
    • Dell
      • Poweredge
  • Network hardware
    • Netgear
    • HP
    • 3com
    • Intel
  • Printers
    • HP
    • Epson

Software Supported by SEFSIT

All PCs are set up with basic software titles. These titles are site licensed by SEFS or the UW:
  • Microsoft Office XP or 2000 Professional
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • Adobe Reader
  • UW Internet Connectivity Kit
  • McAfee Antivirus
For more information about site licensing see:

Additional Software supported by SEFSIT

Software on this list is supported by SEFSIT's best effort policy. Titles not on this list will be supported at a lower priority or referred to other tech support resources. Some titles require purchase of a license, depending on the manufacturer's licensing scheme.
  • Workstation Operating systems
    • Windows XP Professional
    • Windows 2000 Professional
    • Pocket PC 2002 & 2003
  • Productivity Software
    • Microsoft Office XP Professional
    • Microsoft Publisher 2000
  • Adobe
    • Pagemaker 7
    • Photoshop 7
    • Acrobat Professional 6
    • Adobe Reader 6
    • Illustrator 10
  • ESRI
    • ArcView
    • ArcGIS/ArcInfo
    • ArcPad
  • Macromedia
    • Studio MX
  • MJM
    • PC-ORD
  • OSIsoft
    • PI
  • PacSim
    • WinGEMS
  • Roxio
    • EZ CD Creator 5
  • SPSS
    • SPSS 11.5
    • SAS 8
  • ISI
    • Endnote 7

The UW provides free and low-cost computer training to students, staff, faculty, and alumni of the University of Washington . For further information please see


SEFS IT manages access to all networked printers within the School. These printers are for the use of individual work groups, and permission to use them must be obtained before use. Printer use is restricted to functional job needs.

For owners who wish to restrict access to their printers, please contact SEFSIT.

File storage and backup

Limited network storage is provided for all individual staff and faculty. Each staff and faculty member is granted storage space for individual professional needs. Because of space limitations, we recommend archiving old or unused data on other media such as CD.

Departmental storage is also available on request, and is granted as needed and as available. If needs are excessive or exceed available resources, additional equipment may need to be purchased at your expense.

Requests for space should be sent in a detailed message to


We backup all data stored on SEFS network servers to protect against catastrophic failure. We do not maintain archival copies of backups. If you need archival copies of your data, please contact for assistance.

System and Network Integrity

You are responsible for respecting the integrity of UW systems and networks and other people's systems and networks. You must not access any UW computers or networks nor any computers or networks connected to UW without proper authorization. In no case may you disrupt or harm computers, computer software, computer data or information, or networks regardless of whether the computer, software, data, information, or network in question is owned by the University.

The UW or SEFSIT may monitor user activities and access any files or information on any computer system in the course of performing normal system and network maintenance or while investigating policy violations. Anyone using UW or SEFS resources expressly consents to such monitoring and is advised that if such monitoring reveals possible evidence of criminal activity, SEFS will provide the evidence to law enforcement officials.

No equipment may access the SEFS/UW network without prior permission from SEFSIT.

How to get help

When you need help, first try For issues that cannot be answered by the above link and to ensure best possible support response, email The SFRIT help tracking system keeps a complete archive of transactions regarding your issue. A new archive is created for each help request.

It is SFRIT policy to respond to all requests within 24 hours. However due to limited resources and varying work load we can not guarantee response within that time frame. If you have more pressing needs after emailing , there is also a list of contacts available.