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The School of Environmental and Forest Sciences is associated with more than 100 websites. These separate websites are for research groups, laboratories, faculty members, student groups and courses. Many of the sites are hosted on UW web servers, but some are UW Canvas websites, Google Sites, WordPress websites and Facebook pages. SEFS websites are created and managed by faculty members, staff members, graduate students and undergraduate students. If you are creating a website or maintaining an existing one, this page contains information and links you will find helpful.

Contacts and Links

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SEFS Resources

If your needs cannot be met by UW-IT, there are web resources available at SEFS. Contact the Webmaster at for more information. In general, websites hosted by SEFS have either very large data requirements, special access requirements, or a need for ASP.NET or SQL Server. SEFS also hosts special web servers funded by grants.

Website Requirements at SEFS

Websites associated with SEFS must present a professional image for SEFS and the UW. The UW has specific logo guidelines. See the University Brand web page for links to logo graphics, tools and color requirements. SEFS does not require a logo, but if you need an official graphic, contact the Webmaster. SEFS uses the Rockwell font for its name, the School of Environmental and Forest Sciences. SEFS asks that you provide a link back to SEFS at for any associated website. You may also link to the College of the Environment at The UW requires all UW-associated websites to have links to its Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. More information about these links is available at UW-IT.

Considerations for Managing Websites

Tools for Website Managers with no HTML Authoring Skills

If you are creating or managing a website and you have no HTML experience, there are several options that can be made available to you. You can create an automatic, UW-branded, WordPress website by using the UW Sites Network. You can create a website using visual tools with Google Sites, by signing up for UW Google Apps using your UW NetID account. If you are teaching a course, you can use Canvas Learning Management System to create a course website.

Domains for your Website

If you need a special domain name, such as, you can apply for a domain through UW-IT by requesting a new subdomain or a non-UW domain. UW subdomains end with, such as Non-UW domains require an annual registration fee, which can be paid with a UW budget number. You may also use a SEFS subdomain for no charge and without submitting a request to UW-IT. Just e-mail the Webmaster at These subdomains will end in

Websites without domain or subdomain registration will have a standard URL depending on where they are hosted. UW web server websites will be at{yourwebsite} or{yourwebsite}. SEFS hosted websites will be at{yourwebsite} or{yourwebsite}. WordPress websites created with the UW Sites Network will be at{yourwebsite}.

Restricting Access to your Website

If you need to restrict your website to UW NetID accounts, a class list or a single password, you can use UW web servers for your website. See the instructions for restricting access at UW-IT. If you need other more complex restrictions, you can use the SEFS web server.

Tools for Departmental Websites

Common Steps for Creating UW Websites

The most common way that UW websites are created is to request a departmenal Shared UW NetID. Once you have created such an account, you can activate Web Publishing on the account. Afterwards, you will have a website at{yourwebsite}.

If you would like a UW-branded WordPress website, you can use the UW Sites Network to automatically create a website. To use this feature with a Shared UW NetID, you will need to restart your browser so that you can log in to the Sites Network with the Shared UW NetID to start the process.

If you want to create a website from scratch, you can create your website with SeaMonkey, which is a free website design tool supported by UW-IT. After your site is designed, you must use SFTP to publish the website to UW web servers. SEFS recommends Filezilla for SFTP software. You may also use other website design software such as Dreamweaver, but you will have to purchase the software. Once you have published your website, you should be able to view it in commonly used browsers.

UW web servers have several standard features available. In addition to access control, departmental Shared UW NetID accounts with web publishing can also install and use PHP, MySQL, WordPress (unbranded) or Drupal. These installations require significant configuration, but they are supported by SEFS and UW-IT. The UW web servers use the Apache web server and run on a Unix platform.