Meeting Rooms: Anderson 207 Guidelines

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The Forest Club Room can only be used for SEFS student-related events to which SEFS students are invited. The only exception to this rule is the SEFS Director’s office, which may occasionally use the room for administrative meetings.

The sponsors of events and activities held in the Forest Club Room must either be SEFS students, staff, or faculty or the meetings must directly involve SEFS students, faculty, or staff in and originate from a campus unit with which the SEFS has an ongoing cooperative relationship.

Officially recognized SEFS student organizations are given first priority for reserving this room. With the exception of activities mandated otherwise by the Director of the School, all scheduled events will be open to any member of the School community.
Use Rules:
Person reserving Anderson 207 is responsible for:
  • Observing reserved times.
  • Restoring furniture to the original configuration.
  • Clearing all food, beverages, and meeting materials from room immediately after event.
  • Cleaning up food crumbs and beverage and food spills from all surfaces.
  • Securing UW Banquet Permit for service of alcoholic beverages.
  • Closing and locking all windows after event.
  • Promptly reporting problems with lights, etc. to
  • Use of the fireplace is restricted to annual all-School events or other special occasions approved by the Interim Director. Fireplace instructions include:

    Open flue before starting fire and close flue after fire is extinguished.
    Do not burn refuse.
    Do not start fire with lighter fluid or other flammable liquids.
    Keep no combustible materials within three feet of the hearth.
    Always use the screen.
    The person responsible for starting the fire must stay until it is completely extinguished (fire extinguisher is to the right of the fireplace).
    Remove all unused wood from the room