April 6, 2007
Faculty effort is the time faculty spend on their university activities, including teaching, research, service, and administration. Research is generally funded by outside agencies that expect their funds to be dedicated to their projects and not to activities unrelated to their projects. While it is recognized that faculty activities are to some extent inextricably intermingled, it is important to follow certain principles so that pay source and activity are reasonably linked. Following is a summary of SEFS policies regarding funding of non-grant and contract effort.
  • Teaching: For faculty who are not tenured or tenure-track, SEFS generally follows the payment schedule developed by the Summer Quarter Office, i.e., one month's pay for a 5-credit class.
  • Proposal preparation: For faculty who are not tenured or tenure-track, payment ranges from 10% to 50% of a month's pay. See policy detail . During the three months not covered by 9-month state-funded appointments (i.e., Summer Quarter), this can also apply to tenured or tenure-track faculty.
  • Service: To the extent that service is beyond de minimis* and not an appropriate use of time while paid on a sponsored project, the service activity of faculty who are not tenured or tenure-track is reviewed and compensated in relation to effort. Payments range from 1% - 5% on an academic-year basis. Service activity is minimal during Summer Quarter.
  • Organizational administration: Organizational administration is never de minimis*. Compensation for organizational administration varies by assignment and is determined at the time of the administrative appointment.
*in the aggregate their inclusion in or exclusion from total effort would not affect the percentages of effort allocated to sponsored research.