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Please email with your financial requests, including

    • For travel requests and reimbursements, please scan your documents and attach them to the email (be sure you put the originals in the Financial Services mailbox).
    • For purchase requests, if you know where your goods should be purchased, please provide a link. Otherwise, full details and specifications will speed up processing.
    • For purchase reimbursements, scan and attach your receipts (yes, we will still need to have the originals in the Financial services mailbox, at your convenience).
    • For general inquiries and assistance, provide whatever information you think is relevant.
    • We need to know the business purpose of every trip, purchase, reimbursement, etc.
    • Please provide the budget number to be charged and if you don't have written budget authority, we need the PI approval on a form or an e-mail approval.
If you need computing equipment, software or software licenses or extensions, the request should go first to, for recommendations on your purchase; they will research and forward to