Who gets a card?

  • Those who purchase as a major part of their job
  • Special cases, e.g., when one is reassigned to a location away from Seattle
  • Those who do recurring purchases of specialized items
  • Certain administrative positions

Responsibilities of cardholders:

  • Use for UW business purchases only.
  • Keep cards and documentation secure to avoid theft of cards/card numbers. A locked cabinet is recommended.
  • Do not exceed transaction limit ($2,000, including shipping and 8.8% sales/use tax), and do not split purchases in order to stay below transaction limit. A split purchase is defined as same day, same vendor, regardless of number of budgets involved.
  • Unless you are a budget authorizer, you must obtain advance written approval for any purchase and attach it as documentation (email approval is OK).
  • Do not use your ProCard for travel expenses.
  • Obtain adequate original documentation whether store, phone, or on-line purchase. Receipts must be itemized (i.e., showing what was purchased) and vendor-stamped with store name.
  • Always mark packing slips “received by _________” and “date.” If no packing slip or shipping document, indicate “received by _________” and “date” on other documentation.
  • Restaurant purchases require: (1) Itemized receipt – if not provided after your request, indicate that an attempt was made; (2) Clear business purpose – what was discussed; what was celebrated; (3) Indication of how many people (names and titles are also good, especially for small groups)
  • Review on-line transactions regularly to ensure all are valid, checking the dollar amount, the on-line tax box as appropriate, and the on-line review box. Change budget number and object code from default values as needed.
  • Use notes field to fully describe transaction.
  • Complete SEFS ProCard Transaction Form for each transaction, attaching documentation (receipts; on-line order forms; signed and dated packing slips, etc.); the transaction number is the unique identifier.
  • Print out monthly statement from PaymentNet on the 2nd business day of the month; attach Transaction Forms, with their attached documentation, to monthly statement and submit to your reconciler for review.
  • Notify the UW ProCard Administrator immediately if card lost.

Responsibilities of reconcilers:

  • If reconcilers have purchases, someone else must reconcile them.
  • Ensure appropriateness of purchases and take corrective action if necessary.
  • Review for potential split purchases.
  • Spot-check tax box and dollar amounts.
  • Review object codes; correct as needed.
  • Adjust budget numbers if necessary.
  • Review notes field and supplement if necessary.
  • Check on-line reconcile boxes.
  • After all adjustments are complete, run, sign, and date Transaction Detail Report for the relevant month (on Payment Net site: “UW Transaction Detail with Notes & Acct Codes Report ”); obtain cardholder's signature on custom report (2 signatures required). Follow this path to the report: PaymentNet Menu; All Reporting; Category: Transaction; UW Transaction Detail with Notes & Acct Codes Report; Criteria: Acct cycle = “month year”, Employee last name = “lastname”, and (if needed) Employee first name = “firstname.”
  • Send documentation (Transaction forms and attached documentation) to Financial Services for distribution to appropriate budget reconciler for later BAR reconciliation; retain Transaction Detail Report and statements in your ProCard reconciler file for 6 years.

General issues:

  • All cardholders and reconcilers must be trained.
  • Periodic re-training may be required.
  • Cards may be canceled for repeated violations of user responsibilities.
  • There is an institutional cost to low-usage cards. Low-usage cards may need to be canceled.