Resources for Course Instructors

Two primary sources for information and instructional tools are available to course instructors at the UW.  The most critical tools, for grading, course evaluations, and class lists, are found in the MyUW system.  There is also a collection of resources on the UW website to support teaching and learning.


MyUW provides resources and online tools for UW staff, students, and faculty, including information for various roles and groups at the UW. For example, there are pages for Working, Teaching, Campus Life, Libraries, and many others.  MyUW is accessed at:

MyUW resources for course instructors are accessed by selecting the Teaching tab from the list of tabs on the left side of the screen.  Here, instructor resources are organized into groups.  "Teaching Logistics" has classroom guides, course evaluation requests, and library reserve information. "Tools, Services, and Resources" has the Gradebook system and Catalyst Web Tools.  "Teaching Innovation, Improvement, and Assessment" has the Course Evaluation System.

Another important group is the "My Class Resources" group.  This group shows courses currently taught by each instructor. Instructors can also access courses under preparation by clicking the Other Quarters button. Using these tools opens the My
Class Resources page, which shows an instructor’s courses and tools specific to each of them.  Class descriptions, class websites, and textbook information can be edited using this this screen. Class e-mail lists can be requested here.  Links at
the top of each listed class provide quick access to the course catalog, class list, and the section status.

The Center for Teaching and Learning

The UW website also has a Teaching and Learning web page at:

This page provides information on teaching and learning seminars and workshops to help improve instruction and provide access to new technologies.  There are also links to campus resources for instructional support.  The page also contains UW policies for faculty and students.

The College of the Environment

The College of the Environment has teaching resources for disability accommodation. This includes general policies and an example of a disability accommodation statement for syllabi. The sample statement should be included in any class syllabus created at the School of Environmental and Forest Sciences. Syllabi can be sent to Student Services for review or to make them available to prospective students. The general College policy can be found at:

Additional Resources